Tuesday, July 22, 2014




 The TWENT MINUTE COACH has spoken about kindness, compassion, and gratitude and now I am inviting you to play with PAY.   If you want to lift your mood, get out of yourself pity and do something meaningful then PAY IT FORWARD.   Today, find someone out there that needs something and do it for him or her just because you can.  Bless someone not necessarily because they may need it but because you can.  PAY for someone’s groceries in front of you or behind you at the store just because you can.  Send a gift card to someone just because you can. PAYING IT FORWARD can be an exhilarating boost of mood elevation and this simple offering of kindness can keep you moving forward all day lone.  PAYING IT FORWARD does not have to be big it can be any small act of kindness just because.  PAYING IT FORWARD is an action of personal gratitude because you are in a position to give and that is awesome.  To offer the person next to you your place in line is a PAY IT FORWARD action.  To offer something of yourself because you can is a PAY IT FORWARD action of gratitude.  There are many ways to get you yourself out of your myopic self-centeredness and PAY ahead for someone else in your daily life.  Go for it. Play with this. PAY IT FORWARD each day this week so that you can get into the habit of giving and then PAY IT FORWARD once a week until December 31st and notice how good and energized you begin to feel.  

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