Monday, July 7, 2014




ADJUSTMENT means to altar or move slightly in order to acquire the desired fit, or to make something better.  What is it in your life that needs an ADJUSTMENT?  Is your attitude in need of an ADJUSTMENT?  How do you know?  Well if you are walking around disgruntled and thinking negative thoughts then it is time for an attitude ADJUSTMENT.  The nice part about any ADJUSTMENT is not that you have to rearrange everything or even start over. You simply work with what you already have on board.  There are a few positive thoughts hanging out inside of you.  Gather those thoughts to the foreground and add to them.  Sometimes it is possible that you are disgruntled because you are neglecting your own needs and are not eating correctly, sleeping enough or depriving yourself of exercise.  Examine those three areas and make some small ADJUSTMENTS to the basics of your needs and go forward from there.  You will be surprised how adding just ten minutes of exercise in the middle of your long day can be a big ADJUSTMENT to your attitude.  Also, making a small ADJUSTMENT to your dietary needs can boost your energy, ADJUSTING your mood.  Try removing your electronics away from your head at night to see if this small ADJUSTMENT allows you to sleep better.  ADJUSTMENTS are small manageable goals that allow you to acquire the desired fit for you.  If you are cranky and disgruntled then something needs an ADJUSTMENT.  Examine what is not working your life and make the ADJUSTMENT to make it work better.

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