Sunday, July 13, 2014




The word GIVE implies to GIVE something to someone without expecting anything in return.  However, complex emotions often attach themselves to the word GIVE.  Often jealousy and competition compete for space in our heads when analyzing who received what, who reciprocated, or how much to spend or what was spent on certain gifts that were GIVEN.   Kindness and compassion are kindred spirits that come along side the word GIVE and allow to experience joy when we release the heart and GIVE.  Take an inventory about your values around GIVE.  Who do you GIVE to and under what circumstances do you choose to GIVE?  How do you decide which charity to GIVE to and do you only GIVE to receive a tax deduction?  To GIVE and have no strings attached is a great personal value.   When we GIVE we naturally receive a sense of personal joy that makes our insides light up and enjoy a sense of meaning in our life.  What if you GAVE bottled water to every homeless person you passed this summer, how many thirsty lives have been made a little better as a result of your GIVING. To GIVE requires that you put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment and imagine what it is that you can GIVE that will bring true enjoyment to his/her life.  GIVE today.  GIVE blood.  GIVE food.  Go shopping for very special birthday gifts and Christmas presents, so you can GIVE mindfully.  Do not procrastinate FINSH your GIVING today.  

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