Monday, July 28, 2014




Sometimes a vacation is the most uplifting thing you can do for yourself. However, it is important to be very wise about it or a VACATION can dump you into the bottom of the depression barrel more so than anything else. A VACATION is a change of pace, a change of scenery, and/or a change from the daily grind of monotony.  Thus, let’s explore wise VACATIONS.  First the budget… not can you afford a VACATION, but what type of VACATION, can you afford?   A VACATION is not an all or nothing venture.  Think of it as a “ both-and” adventure.  You will enjoy your VACATION to the max if you come home with no CC debt.  In order to do that you must learn to save and plan for a VACATION.  If you come back to a budget disaster you will most likely lose any benefit you gained from you VACATION.  Go ahead and dream about your ultimate VACATION and create a dream container for it by placing pictures, ideas, maps and create a $fund to go with it.  Add something each week or each pay -check to that account for this trip.  In the meantime actually do some break the monotony VACATIONS.   Choose something fun and relaxing (your kind of relaxing) and go for 3-5 days and fully enjoy yourself on the budget you can live with it.  A luxury hotel is nice but it is not really where you spend your time, unless you are on a spa vacation.  So play with the “both-and” VACATION and do something fun for yourself before summer is over!  Coaches orders. 

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