Saturday, July 26, 2014




TOLERANCE is an attitude of acceptance.  TOLERANCE is also an exercise in being resilient.  Your body must learn to build TOLERANCE especially to foreign materials such as transplants or allergens.  TOLERANCE by its very nature is an un-comfortableness that requires that we adjust our attitude, behavior or body in some way to accommodate differences.   When we were children we saw the world through the eyes of the adults around us and adapted many of those adults believes and attitudes toward the world.  But as we grew up perhaps we realized that how the adults in our lives reacted to women, people or color or certain ways of doing things did not really fit for us.  We may have also learned that when we disagreed with an adults perception of how things are, we were belittled.  We experienced that having a different opinion was not TOLERATED.  Thus, learning at a young age what we would TOLERATE and not TOLERATE became a life lesson.  Perhaps we believed it was unbearable to experience a parent’s disgust at us thus we learned to adapt to his or her believe system to remain safe.  Or, perhaps we figured out at a young age sharing our believe system was not safe until we moved out of the house, but once that happened we practiced TOLERANCE toward others that believed or looked differently than we do.  TOLERANCE is something that we must exercise and acquire as a daily practice in order for us to live safely and peacefully.  Really, what good is it to flip off the person who cuts you off in traffic?   Practice TOLERANCE.

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