Thursday, July 17, 2014




KEEP is a little word that often does not get much consideration or attention, but it is a word we use repeatedly throughout our day.  If we listen to ourselves we will hear ourselves say, “KEEP it clean; KEEP it cold; KEEP it away from the dog; or I am going to KEEP it.”  KEEP implies an action of protection and necessity.  To KEEP something means to retain it because it is either useful or it has a positive meaning and function for which you want to use it.  KEEP doing the TWENTY MINUTE COACH on a daily basis and you will discover that you are naturally living more positively and consciously throughout your day.  What are you KEEPING and what do you need to discard from your daily life?  Become conscious about the stuff you KEEP.  Do you need it?  Does it serve you?  Are you serving those things that you KEEP?  If something needs to be KEPT cold and you leave it out in the heat then you did not act responsibly toward that which needed you to tend to it.  The word KEEP is important.  Here are some things that you need to practice KEEPING.  KEEP safe.  KEEP calm.  KEEP up the good attitude.  KEEP peace.  KEEP practicing.  KEEP cool.  KEEP letting go.  KEEP alert. KEEP learning.  KEEP good friends.  KEEP moving.  What are ten other things that you can list that will help you if you KEEP them in your daily life?  Do not ignore this four-letter word ever again.  KEEP!

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