Wednesday, July 2, 2014




WATER is a powerful element that has served each of us in our daily life.  WATER is also a spiritual tool of emotional healing and renewal.  WATER is used in traditional Christian baptism and Holy WATER is used for blessing and protection.  Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz disintegrated the wicked witch of the West with WATER.  Native Americans and indigenous people of all continents use WATER rituals.  WATER is essential for our survival.  We can survive many days without food, but without WATER we die.  Today forward, train yourself to be mindful of WATER. Drink WATER, lots of WATER (sixty –four ounces plus). Each day and be mindful of how you feel after a nice glass of WATER.  Notice how easily it picks you up and refreshes your inner being.  Be prayerful and mindful of water when you are in the shower or bath.  It is a precious resource, don’t overuse it and be thankful that WATER is here to serve you in that cleansing way.   The WATER in your pool is sacred and we take it for granted.   WATER your yard only as it needs it and switch to as much zero-scape as possible.  Be resourceful with this sacred commodity and treat it mindfully with respect and gratitude.  In the same way that Water heals it can destroy, as many hurricanes and floods have proven in our history.  The Taoists say WATER, in its many forms, is a symbol of wisdom.  I say it is wise to use WATER mindfully at all times. 

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