Monday, July 21, 2014




 To OFFER something implies that you are engaged in the situation and are reaching out to add something to the situation.  To OFFER a guest a chair, something to drink, or an invitation to be comfortable is not only the right thing to do but also the appropriate sign of a good host.  To let guests fend for themselves is rude.  To OFFER something requires very little energy and gives so much in the way of kindness.  Today, challenge yourself to notice the nuances around you and reach out to others with a simple, OFFER.  To OFFER something to someone else can require that you get out of your self-centered focus and focus on the environment.  Ask yourself, who is here and what might they need.  Pay attention to others and do what you can to make their life better today by OFFERING a smile or a kind word.  Identifying with someone’s discomfort or pain and verbally noticing it by saying, “Looks like you are sad,” is an OFFER of kindness.  To OFFER your seat to someone standing is a gesture of kindness and one day you may need the same.  How would you feel if you showed up as a guest at someone’s house and no one OFFERED you a seat, a drink, or a pleasant, “Please make yourself comfortable?”  That lack of OFFERING would make you think twice about returning and it should.  Why would you choose to be around those who do not OFFER anything back in return?  OFFER from your heart and if you are not OFFERING, perhaps your heart has grown cold. 

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