Thursday, July 31, 2014




WANDER is another action verb.  You can WANDER leisurely through the mall and begin an early Christmas shopping excursion by just WANDERING from store to store.  Or you can WANDER in your mind as you imagine yourself traveling to faraway places of adventure and gastronomical delight.  To WANDER is a relaxing action that allows you to stretch beyond your to-do list.  Take a WANDER today in some near by park, mall, or the town next door and you may have the experience of seeing it “for the first time,” because you are not on a mission.  You are giving yourself permission to amble about in any store looking for nothing in particular and looking at everything mindfully.  This trip of WANDERING may lead you to enjoy something that you never thought possible or you might find yourself WANDERING toward a treasure that will fill your heart.  Give yourself permission to WANDER and if that free-flow makes you too anxious, then go WANDER for three hours and if you start fretting about wasting time, use your breath to bring you back to the here and now.  Tell yourself you will journal about your experience to help make this exercise of WANDERING a mindful exercise for you.  It is important to take yourself on an adventure that allows you to relax into doing only what is front of you.  WANDER in your mind or WANDER with your body, but whatever you do WANDER around and notice the world of wonder as you WANDER.

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