Friday, August 1, 2014




Listen up, as this word is probably as important if not more important than the word GMO.  I have heard of this word off and on but did not pay attention to it until was brought to my attention by a cancer integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Zieve.  XENOESTROGENS mimic real estrogen and invade your body with toxic and wild estrogen mimicking cells.  These XENOESTROGENS create a perfect environment in your body for cancer cells to grow, divide, and create tumors.  The TWENTY MINUTE COACH is alerting you to these dangerous substances, not to harangue, nag, or guilt you into making lifestyle changes; but to educate you.  No one is going to care about your health like you do and you need to be informed.  Without education you are victim to any new theory, a sleepy MD, or anything else that arises.  Make your body, your health, and your aging process your priority for a few months to tweak your lifestyle choices.  When you Google the word XENOESTROGENS, you will discover how dangerous these substances are to your health.  Some of you will go through your homes, closets, and refrigerators and throw every XENOESTROGENS out immediately.  Good for you.  Go for it.  Others that are easier going like me will create a list of 5-10 XENOESTROGENS and illuminate them over the next few weeks from your lifestyle.  I believe it is impossible to remove them all so start where you can and if you are an estrogen positive cancer patient, please start somewhere.  Eliminating XENOESTROGENS one at a time can be a valuable exercise in the quality of your health.  

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