Sunday, August 3, 2014



In our daily lives, ZAZEN provides us with a situation in which we can remove ourselves from external activities, turn our activity inward, and face ourselves. ZAZEN is not about achieving some particular state of consciousness. Rather, it is about discovering who you are and what your life is.” by T. Roshi & Sensei

ZAZEN is the actual practice of seated meditation Zen style.  The Twenty-Minute Coach is about assisting you with a daily bog that helps you actualize a lifestyle of meaning, positive choices, and emotional and spiritual practices that enrich your daily life.  ZAZEN is an emotional and spiritual practice that invites you to check out of the rat race and into yourself with a simple tool of breathing.  Breathing in and out is a mindful practice that allows you focus on following your breath out of your body and inhaling new breath back into your body.  By sitting in a relaxed lotus position your spine is erect giving your lungs and chest the space they need to breatheproperly.  Allow your thumb and fingers on each hand to connect to each other and rest gently in your lap.  Close your eyes and begin to count your breaths in and out and do this ten times.  When your mind wanders come back to breath number one and start over.  Once you master getting to ten breaths either start over naturally or continue to count forward.  This exercise will allow you to relax into the present.

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