Saturday, August 16, 2014




MARVEL is a word that when activated causes the soul to soar upwards in astonishment and delight.  A MARVEL can also be a pleasant surprise when you accomplish something you thought was impossible.   To set a new 10K record can be a MARVEL, an accomplishment in your eyes. Visit the Grand Canyon and allow the MARVEL of it expand your chest and break out a big smile and take glee in the photo opportunities that will MARVEL even the novice photographer.  The Grand Canyon as I suppose it is with Niagara Falls and other natural wonders is never the same twice.  Each day, each ray of light, each cloud, and the multi-dimensional backgrounds of color are always changing.   The only thing that prevents you from enjoying the MARVELOUS environments around you is your attitude and possible negative thoughts.  I use to think the Grand Canyon was one big hole in the ground until I spent several days in a row there where I could then experience the Canyon.  Once you experience something the MARVEL of if seeps in from the toes of your feet to the top of your head. There are many things to MARVEL and that are MARVELOUS.   Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate the MARVEL of the day, which provides you another opportunity to live and breath in meaningful and MARVELOUS ways.  To MARVEL is to be open to the experience of the present moment seeing it as if you have never seen it before.  

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