Thursday, August 14, 2014




Yes, KICKOFF something new in your life.  In the United States the word KICKOFF is almost synonymous with the beginning of football season.  As a result, the word has attached to it much anticipation and enjoyment.  The KICKOFF season begins early with many advertisements and much press building excitement in fans for the upcoming season. What is it that you have wanted to do and either just never got around to it or thought erroneously it was just too big for you to tackle?  Using the platform of a KICKOFF might be just what you need to get started.  Choose one thing you want to KICKOFF in your life such as a new job, a college degree, or a new exercise program.  Sit with yourself and list all of the things required to accomplish this KICKOFF.  Once you have the list begin to detail how you can celebrate an opening day to your life event.  What will the celebration entail and whom will you invite?  Have T-Shirts made or some sort of door prize that you can give to those people who you invite to be part of your KICKOFF to your life’s change.   Once that is planned go back to the Vision Board exercise under the word focus and make a vision board that details every thing that you want and need as a result of this KICKOFF.   Think about this KICKOFF not as the all in all but as a magnificent start to a season of anticipation and change in your life.  Make the KICKOFF big and celebratory in every way. 

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