Tuesday, August 5, 2014




Being BRAVE is not the absence of fear.  Being BRAVE means to act on or to face a situation even though you feel fear or anxiety about it.  For example a BRAVE action requires that you know you need to do and see the risks and possible hardships that might occur and do it anyway.   Sometimes, I hear my clients say, “I wish I was more BRAVE.”  BRAVE does not come in measured amounts.  BRAVE is BRAVE.   When you are forced to deal with a situation that you would rather not have to deal with and face that situation rather than avoid it, then you BRAVE the situation and face what you need to do.  Perhaps it is leaving a job, a relationship, or coping with a difficult scenario in your life.  The action of doing something about the situation is BRAVE.   To do nothing, avoid it or numb out with a substance rather than face it,  is not BRAVE.  BRAVE is not passive; BRAVE is action encapsulated amidst the fear and possible dangers.  To jump into a river to help save someone else’s life is BRAVE.  To jump into the water to save someone else’s life when you don’t know how to swim is stupid, because both of your will drown.   To stand on the shore and wring your hands is not BRAVE.  To look around for something to throw to the drowning person or run down stream while calling for help is BRAVE.  Today give yourself credit for being BRAVE in you life’s situation. 

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