Friday, August 29, 2014




UNLOCKING something that is shut up, stored away or even in prison is an important step in our heart’s growth.  As children we lock away emotions, feelings, huts, and beliefs often because they are too painful and we vow never to remember or talk about those painful things again.  However, our psyche does not do a good job of compartmentalizing pain.  Our psyche or soul generalizes pain.  So at  the age of six  you promised yourself you would never trust your mother again because she left you or abandoned you for a bottle of booze then that promise has hurt you the rest of your life.   That promise became a “vow” or a life script that you have acted out unconsciously every day and every other relationship since you were six.  It is a good thing not to trust a mother who abandons you but it is a life- harming thing to not trust other people because of your mother’s weakness.  Not everyone is like your mother and it is time to UNLOCK  the caverns of your heart where you have been hiding and come out into the light of life and learn to live with an UNLOCKED heart.  Be gentle with yourself as if you are going into a dark prison cell and show your locked in self the key.  Tell yourself, today I UNLOCKED your heart.  You are safe with me. I will help you learn to trust and live again and not be so afraid.  UNLOCK those closed off places today and step into all that life has to offer you. 

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