Monday, August 11, 2014




HAGIOLOGY is the study of saints and sacred writings.  As THE TWENTY MINUTE COACH, I invite you to broaden your horizons by choosing a saint or a sacred text to explore and discover.  Sometimes the best way to learn about your own life and make changes is through the study of someone else’s life.   When you think of saints which saint comes to your mind?  The saint that comes to my mind is Mother Teresa (St. Teresa of Calcutta) because her ministry to the sick and the poor took place n our lifetime.  The study of her life will help you look for opportunities to pay it forward on a daily basis.  But there is another St. Teresa: St. Teresa of Avila.  Her work focused on the spiritual life and she has authored many amazing spiritual writings.  One easy read is: If the link does not work just Google 10 reflections of spiritual life by St. Teresa of Avila.  St. Teresa of Avila lived in the 16th century during a time of exploration in the midst of political, social, and religious upheaval.  A time much like our life today which is full of battles on every front whether it be the wars in Iraq or Russia, or the political stalemate of a Congress entrenched in its on narcissistic image, or the religious right worried about the sanctity of marriage, a failed institution without any statistics from the gay and lesbian community.  The study of HAGI0LOGY can help you not feel helpless in the middle of this abyss we live in.  

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