Monday, August 4, 2014


AIM for what you want.  Do not allow yourself a shotgun approach to life where you splatter your daily life in all directions, AIM your life in the direction you want it to go.  Set your target and focus on your intention.  What are you hunting for in your life?  What sends you out early to search for a specific target and hunt for a specific goal?  What is your desired outcome and how will that desired outcome help you live your life in a meaningful way. You do not have to AIM high, but be sure to AIM direct, focusing your eye on your goal.  Once you AIM then it is helpful to stay focused and not let distraction get in the way of your AIM.  Remember shooters go to shooting practice to keep their AIM on target.  A game of darts will teach you that AIM is so important.  AIM for your hearts desire and polish, clean, and practice that AIM on a daily basis. 

Think about how you AIM your eyes to see the colors on a small hummingbird.  I suspect you squint because squinting blocks out the peripheral landscape, allowing the eye to AIM right on the beautiful hummingbird.  To AIM for what you want will allow you to see more beautiful and exquisite colors in the world around you.  To AIM for what you want you bet closer to the bulls eye than just picking up the dart and throwing it recklessly at the dart board.  AIM for your dreams.

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