Saturday, August 30, 2014



Be VIVACIOUS!  Be energetic, lively and embrace life fully. You don't have to be a super-star or a Hollywood actor to approach life as a vibrant loving VIVACIOUS person who enjoys a great walk in the park with a bounce in his/her step and a big smile on his/her face.  VIVACIOUS behavior is 90% mental energy and attitude. Who is the most VIVACIOUS person you know?  Take a minute to image that person in your mind's eye.  Pay attention to how that person walks. VIVACIOUS people walk with confidence and a spring in his/her step.  VIVACIOUS energy seems to be contagious.  When I am around someone who is VIVACIOUS I feel more alive and more interested in what is going on around me.  Dont let life become dull.  Go out and about today embracing the moment.  Walk with a bounce, dress in colors and put a smile on your face.  Tune into an inner space where you can find that person inside of you who loves life and delights in the simplest pleasures.   Enjoy with VIVACIOUS energy a blend of music today and the taste of simple healthy foods.  Enjoy the sun and bask in it for a while and if it is raining or snowing, delight in the diversity of nature.  Even nature changes colors, temperatures, and its weather to keep from becoming boring.  If every day were the same boredom would set it.   So change out a sense of dullness today for the VIVACIOUS you that longs to enjoy life deeply. 

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