Saturday, August 2, 2014



I believe we may be living at such a fast pace that we may not even remember what we had for dinner YESTERDAY much less what we learned from YESTERDAY.  But go ahead and give it a whirl, write one paragraph about what YESTERDAY taught you.  Then ask yourself, “ How did I get hurt by YESTERDAY?”  Write a paragraph about that too.  Now, you have two paragraphs that speak to you about YESTERDAY, how are those paragraphs helpful to you today?   Next, allow list anything that does not feel good about YESTERDAY and ask yourself, what makes you hold on to that list?  How would your life be better today if you let go of those slights, hurts, or mistakes from YESTERDAY?  If there is something you can fix, such as offer and apology then do it and move on into today. How far back does your YESTERDAY go?  Are you still holding grudges from five or ten years ago?  How does that serve you?  Are you still holding grudges from five to ten months ago?  Really, what is that about?  Grudges tend to make you into a grump.  Is that how you want to be, an old grump?   How about five or ten days ago? Do you have grudges from those days?  See, YESTERDAY is really not YESTERDAY until you let go of those negative thoughts and feelings from back there.  Let them go.  Learn what you can from them and toss the rest.  Remembering what you ate YESTERDAY is more important than how someone hurt you YESTERDAY.

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