Wednesday, August 20, 2014



The difference between OBSERVE and notice can be tricky.  For example, you can read the word  “notice” in yesterday’s TWENTY MINUTE COACH and choose to do nothing with the “notice.”   Or you can choose to OBSERVE it.   To OBSERVE the meaning of the word “notice” means to examine it fully, investigate it closely, and then design a plan to OBSERVE the notice.  To OBSERVE the law is an action of compliance.  You may think it is silly to have a twenty-five mile speed sign on what appears to be an open and safe space, but to OBSERVE the speed sign implies that you comply and bring your vehicle into compliance with the law regardless of whether you agree or not.  That means you are practicing the word OBSERVE.  There are multiple opportunities to OBSERVE daily.  OBSERVE the interaction of people around you and train yourself to think positively about people rather than the critical norm.  Train yourself to OBSERVE the goodness in each person focusing on what they are doing right.  This OBSERVATION is a significant focus on choosing to OBSERVE the goodness in people verses his/her shortcomings.  Thus, to OBSERVE is to make what already is noticed, significant.  Once something is significant to you then you have a choice about how significant it is and what course of action you are going to take to OBSERVE.  You are probably familiar with the phrase, “Let’s OBSERVE a moment of silence for_____________.”  So today set time apart to be silent for a minute as you OBSERVE a moment of gratitude for your life. 

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