Wednesday, August 13, 2014




You are the one that can make a distinction between a JOB and a J-O-B.  The difference between those two words is found in the attitude.  The JOB you do for a living is an agreement between you and your employer to produce a certain amount of work in an agreed upon time for a said amount of pay.  If you don’t like this arrangement and do nothing to change it then you end up with a J-O-B.  A J-O-B becomes part of a daily grind where you of ten find yourself moaning and groaning about how awful your life is at you J-O-B.  This attitude will eventually cause emotional, physical, and spiritual decay to your soul and you may find yourself growing old and bitter, becoming that old person you judged when you were a child.  If you settle for a J-O-B that is your choice or you can do one of the two following options.  
1.) You can actively look for and discover things that you like about your J-O-B and learn to be grateful for the benefits of your J-O-B, thus elevating your mood and demeanor when at work and home about your J-O-B.  
2.) You can actively search for a different JOB that intrigues and interests you possibly opening new pathways of happiness for you.  
Either way we each need a way to be productive in this world and most of us need a JOB in order to provide the necessities of our daily life.  Being grateful for what it provides you is the first step between a JOB and a J-O-B.  

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