Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Nighty-Night ...Time to Wrap it Up for the Day. 


Now more than ever we know the  importance of a good night sleep.  We know proper SLEEP not only effects your energy level but also your health and longevity.  Each person requires a different amount of SLEEP but everyone should strive to make sure that they receive at least six hours of uninterrupted SLEEP.  SLEEP is important for memory, learning, safety, and our immune system.  What are your SLEEP patterns?  How do you know if you had a good nights sleep?  Do you dream?  Do you remember your dreams?  Dreaming cannot take place if you are not getting the necessary amount of SLEEP.  Dreams are important for our mental health.  SLEEP often gets a bad rap and often those who need more SLEEP than others are considered wimps.  SLEEP is worth the attention and work it needs to make sure you are getting enough of it.  SLEEP is an important as eating correctly and exercising.  Inadequate SLEEP over a long period of time will take you down a path of poor health, low energy, lack of concentration and even make your day life unsafe for you.  Some tips for a good nights SLEEP:
Have a regular pattern, including a set bedtime and set awake time.
Cut-off electronics an hour prior to bedtime and read or listen to relaxing music. (or even meditate) 
If you wake up do not get up but lay there and pray or count backwards from 100-0 until you fall back to sleep. 
Consult your doctor if you are SLEEP deprived. 

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