Wednesday, August 6, 2014




There is a debate of how COURAGE and brave are the same and different.  If you look up both words in the dictionary no one really defines the difference.  They seem similar but the Twenty Minute Coach is going to take creative license.  If you go back to yesterday's word, "brave" you will find that I define Brave as taking action even though the situation may be frightening.  I  invite you to think about COURAGE as the internal response and  emotional fortitude to execute the brave action. COURAGE can be cultivated and shaped into a resourceful inner strength that prepares you for difficult and frightening situations.  How do you do that?   
First take a realistic look at your life, relationship, health, and job.  What is working for you and what needs to be changed?  Create a plan of change by writing it down.  Then spend ten minutes each day visualizing yourself completing the task on the list.  Next journal what comes up for you as you watch yourself in your minds eye completing the challenges.  Stay with each challenge daily until your anxiety reduces and you can face the challenge with a sense of COURAGE that you have now created inside of yourself.  Feel the sense of a challenge and watch the brave person inside of you complete the challenge.  Stop the stories that you tell yourself about your limitations and just focus on visualizing yourself succeeding. Do this daily until you have enough internal COURAGE to be brave.  The link is below to learn the story of Mary Magdalene in the picture above.

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