Sunday, August 10, 2014




A GESTALT is more than the sum of the parts. Yesterday you focused on eight parts of your life and you may have been left with a nagging feeling, but this isn’t quite it.   You are right.  You are more than those eight threads in your tapestry you are the whole tapestry.  You are the GESTALT.  Today, as you step back and look at your tapestry you may focus on the thread of spirituality and tomorrow you may focus on the thread of family.  If either of those threads is missing, then the GESTALT of the tapestry is missing something very important. The GESTALT needs all of the parts to be complete.  No part of the GESTALT is more important or less important than the other.  All parts of the GESTALT share responsibility in the wholeness of the tapestry.  If you step back and see that the thread of health is very weak and perhaps a pale yellow rather than the bright yellow you thread you were hoping for then set out to strengthen the yellow thread of the GESTALT.  If that off sets the relationship thread then re-focus and bring it into balance.  A beautiful tapestry is the sum of all of its threads and the finished project is the GESTALT.    If you view your life as a tapestry then as artist of the tapestry you can step back and tweak the threads as you notice which thread needs more attention to make the tapestry complete. 
You are the sum of your parts (threads) not just one thread standing alone. 

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