Saturday, August 9, 2014


By Training Your FOCUS, Can You See the Elephant Napping in the Grass?


What does that word FOCUS really mean to you?  THE TWENTY MINUTE COACH wants you to learn to bring into FOCUS the life you want.  Sometimes it is helpful to create a vision board to help you FOCUS.  Separate your life into eight distinctive threads and name it, “My Life’s Tapestry of Eight.”  Here are the eight threads: self, health, relationship (family), career (vocation), financial health, social system, spiritual health, and recreation (hobby).  Each of these threads deserves FOCUSED attention in order to achieve a balanced and happy life.  If you don’t FOCUS on self then the rest of your FOCUSED tapestry is going to be out of sync.  FOCUS on self requires an examination of what is that I like about my life, my values, and my life’s direction?    Next is your health.  If you don’t have your health then you have nothing.  FOCUS on your health in ways that will optimize it.  How is your relationship working for you?  How many diverse threads do your relationships extend toward such as partner, children, and family of origin etc.? Continue to FOCUS on the other five threads until you have written below each of the eight separate threads.  Once you have a map of words choose eight different pictures from magazines that represent the tapestry thread and place with glue on a poster board.  Make sure that when you look at the vision board that it makes you smile and shout out a big yes inside of yourself. FOCUS on the board everyday and watch as your positive energy begins to shape-shift your life into a FOCUSED adventure.  

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