Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Do you TALK enough?  When you TALK what do you TALK about it?  To TALK is to communicate with words and TALK can take place at many levels.  TALK can be chitchat, which comprises of words that are platitudes and connections at the same time.  If you  don’t chitchat then you will  probably never advance toward a deep meaningful TALK with someone else.   Then there is informational TALK.  That level of TALK is about sharing necessary information on a need to know basis.  Using words to express your thoughts and feelings is an important skill to learn and to practice.  TALK is the language of connecting and getting around in the word.  Without TALK no conversations take place and the world can become a lonely and isolated place.  Conversations are necessary for us as humans and TALK  is essential for connected intimate relationships.  Your interpersonal relationships require TALK on both the chitchat and on a deep meaningful level.  Don’t ignore the relationships next to you.  Tend to those relationships like a beautiful garden,  fertilize them with daily TALK.   Small words such as, “I love you;” “How was your day?;”  or even a wink across the room can be the TALK that keeps the relationship garden flourishing.  All gardens require weeding and that requires some difficult TALK.  It is important to be able to tell your relationships what you like and what you don’t like.  Maybe you don’t want pansies in your garden,  then you need to TALK about that too.  Connect today with a TALK within all of your relationships.

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