Thursday, August 7, 2014




What is it that brings you DELIGHT?   I would imagine that you do not have enough DELIGHT, charm, enchantment and pure pleasure in your day-to-day life.  The missing DELIGHT factor in your daily life must be fixed.  It is important to experience genuine DELIGHT just for the sake of DELIGHT.   A daily dose of DELIGHT will boost your immune system; bring a smile to your face and to the face of others.   Life is full of complications, chaos, and often-negative surprises thus it is important to learn to be a pursuer of DELIGHT.  It is true that DELIGHT is most often a spontaneous experience and cannot be created in the laboratory of control.  However, there are probably many opportunities of DELIGHT that you ignore because you allow yourself to be too busy to notice.  In order to become a pursuer of DELIGHT allow yourself to take time to experience the flower department at your grocery store.  Walk through it and notice the colors, pick up bouquets and smell them, and allow yourself to soak in the care they need to stay DELIGHTFUL for you.  I believe DELIGHT is a tenderness emotion that comes from our deepest experience of being truly in the present.  DELIGHT is an outcome of joy.  DELIGHT massages our soul and to experience physical DELIGHT engage in a body massage from an expert who’s hands know how to DELIGHT your muscles and your feet while totally relaxing your facial muscles.  DELIGHT is all around you waiting to tickle your senses.  

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