Thursday, July 10, 2014




DANCE is an energetic artistic expression of the body moving to music.  Ballet DANCE is a classic form of expression where African DANCE is an interpretive form of telling a story.  Both are art forms.  Both require study, passion, practice, and dedication to the art.  DANCE brings enjoyment and joy to those watching but DANCE is really not intended to be a spectator sport.  DANCE is an all-inclusive opportunity to move your body to music in order to keep your body healthy, express yourself and keep you in shape.  DANCE is easy and anyone can do it with no training.  I hear your complaints, fears, and judgmental self yelling, “But I look funny,” or “I have no coordination.”  Those are excuses.  You can DANCE alone in the privacy of your own home while no one is watching.  You could also take a Zumba DANCE class.  However, the real issue here is that you DANCE.  Young or old you can DANCE.  I challenge you to play some music that you like, close your eyes, and move your body to the music.  DANCE for ten minutes and repeat tomorrow and the next day.  This is an experiment for you to try for the next thirty days and discover whether you are happier and less negative as a result of DANCE.  DANCE is a transformative energy that requires no practice, no reps, no counting, and no competition.  Experiment with different types of music.  DANCE and enjoy the freedom of creative expression while feeling better

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