Sunday, July 6, 2014



Zero is a very powerful number in our numerical system.  ZERO has the power to change any number into something different.  ZERO also has the power to be a great equalizer.  ZERO is the starting point of any game and the beginning point of life.  After that it is up to our energy, effort, and desire.  We really can change things in our lives when we stop looking at what we don’t have, quit whining and feeling sorry for ourselves; and focus on the goal we want to achieve.  Maybe as a kid or even as an adult you have been telling yourself that you are nothing but a great big ZERO. If you add yourself to a one you enhance that one to a ten.  If you add yourself to a team of ten you create one hundred possibilities.  In New York City there is Ground ZERO taking the name from the definition of ground ZERO, the point of detonation after the 9/11 attack on the US.  It is now a memorial and aplace of remembrance that the USA was detonated and leveled to ZERO for the first time in our history.  It is a place where we say, “never again.”  But in reality we can’t prevent another detonation.  Neither can you but you can decide how you want to respond to an emotional, relational or physical detonation that takes you to your personal ground ZERO. You can build a memorial to your pain as a reminder to stay awake to life, but never allow yourself to believe ZERO is an impossible number.

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