Friday, July 18, 2014




To LAUGH is not LAUGHING matter.  LAUGHTER has become a recognized tool in wellness, yoga, and healing.  LAUGHTER is good medicine.  The actual act of LAUGHING is known to release endorphins in the brain, increase blood supply and oxygen levels as well as lift a person’s suppressed mood.  LAUGHTER causes the lungs to contract and expand and the throat to let go of uptight rigid quietness.  LAUGHING makes the facial muscles relax and spread open brightening the face.  To LAUGH is to express joy, connection, and delight in something that brings a sense of well- being to you.  LAUGHTER strengthens your immune system while reducing physical pain while increasing energy to help you move positively into your day.  LAUGHTER may feel forced when doing LAUGHTER yoga, but so what?  So what if you are counting your “ho-ho-ho’s” and exaggerating the noise from your throat to reach for the stars?  Who is watching?  Part of getting well and taking charge of creating a happy a life for yourself is learning to do knew things, take adventurous risks, and break out of old habits.  I challenge you to LAUGH today.  I have a link that I am sharing with a challenge for you to click and LAUGH in the privacy of your own home or office.  Let you endorphins free to assist you in moving negative and depressed energy out of your body and space and into a make believe dumpster.  Don’t stay heavy one more minute.  Click and LAUGH away:

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