Saturday, July 5, 2014



Be quick be nimble like Jack jumping over the candlestick.  The word YARE means exactly that, quickness, agility, and easy to maneuver.   YARE is necessary for our bodies.  We cannot afford to let our bodies get stiff, tight, tense, or rigid. YARE is needed on a daily basis.  Discover ways to move your body.  Google different stretches to add to your daily workout.   Yes, I did say daily workout.  You may not want to be a ballerina or a great gymnast, but in order to grow older with agility it is important to practice YARE on a daily basis.  Can you still touch your toes, bend over and tie your shoes, or get up with out using all fours?  If not, start your YARE there. Those are necessary skills for aging with grace.  The last “Y” word was yoga.  Have you started yet?  Can you do the sun salutation or downward dog?  I am not feeding you a yarn; YARE is necessary for agility and flexibility.  Look for opportunities to practice YARE often throughout the day.  Touch your toes ten times often throughout the day. Stretch your arms to the ceiling and move your body in various YARE ways.  How you YARE today will depend on your range of YARE tomorrow.  Age sneaks up on you.  One day you may be perfectly happy being a couch potato and tomorrow you may not get out of bed easily because your YARE was not taken seriously and it got up and left you. 

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