Thursday, July 3, 2014




“X” words are becoming my favorite because I learn so much.  XEROSERE is especially exciting because it speaks to me of the synchronicity of random events.  After I wrote about water, I typed in “words that start with X” into my browser.  I hardly know what any of them mean and this one seemed interesting so I clicked on its definition. “XEROSERE is plant succession which is limited by water availability.”  I am certain that the science of XEROSERE is deeper than where I am going with this blog but think about the difference between a rock and forest.  The succession of plant stages go from bare rocks to climax stage.  Such is your emotional life.  Emotions are stages and more we are tossed around in turbulent waters of our life the more we grow.  Our stages mirror that of our environment.  We even use a vocabulary that is similar to XEROSERE.  Often time we will say someone is barren of emotional connection, meaning their emotional landscape is void of expression, zeal, and depth.  It is natural to want to connect with people who have well developed emotions by moving past the rock to moss stage and are in the herb, shrub, tree, or climax stage.  The climax state of XEROSERE is a strong community stage of a forest, which has banned together from the many trees that make it up the community.  The healthier you are emotionally the more developed the XEROSERE of your emotional life.  Be sure to let the water of your emotions allow you to grow strong and tall. Forest or rocks, created a community.  

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