Tuesday, June 17, 2014




We need HUMOR in our life.  We need activities that we look forward to because they make us laugh or amuse us into feeling better.  Life is serious but life is absolutely lethal without HUMOR.  HUMOR is not just laughing or experiencing something as funny.  HUMOR is a much deeper and personal response to life that allows entertainment and amusement into the daily moments of life.  Look for HUMOR today. If you have a pet or a small child, those moments will not be hard to find but for those caught up in debt, family discord, depression, and loneliness, HUMOR is much more evasive.  In those cases HUMOR becomes a treasure hunt, a deliberate search for amusing, entertaining and light hearted smiles throughout the dullness of the day.  How to find it?  Do you have a special cartoon character that makes you smile?  If so, Google that character.  Search out comedy clubs in your area to enjoy an evening of someone else’s hard working ability to make you laugh.  Think about it, comedians abound in our society for a reason.  We need them in order to survive the hardships of daily living.  Discover what TV shows, music, or people that make you laugh.  Keep a HUMOR chest in your den of movies, ideas, situations, and other things that make you amused, allowing that genuine smile to cross your face from cheek to cheek.  HUMOR is a moment suspended from daily reality that brightens your mood for a moment and is necessary for your survival. 

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