Saturday, June 7, 2014


Be Kind
Today I heard a news clip about a wealthy person in the 1% who wants to stop the anger at the 1% by giving back his wealth to strangers. You can find the story at:   XENODOCHIAL means exactly that: “being friendly to strangers.”  How awesome is that?  The 1% person has found a creative and fun way to give back to strangers without having the hassles of a committee, corporate overhead or the minutia of executive structure.  He/she just goes out every day and hides a $1,000 dollars in different amounts through out the city and then tweets the clues to the hiding places.  What a way to practice XENODOCHIAL!  How can you practice XENODOCHIAL by being friendly to strangers today?  Notice how your judgments get in your way and the chatter in your head stops you.  As Westerner’s raised to be cautious and careful I am sure many of you have already created crime scenes and excuses as to why this stranger’s XENODOCHIAL will not work.  Rather than focus on what does not work or what you can’t do change your focus to practicing ten acts of XENODOCHIAL and when you can check off ten of those acts, focus on how much fun you had being a XENODOCHIAL Wizard.  Life is more fun the more you play.  Don’t let anything get in the way of playful opportunities.  Here in the desert it is easy to carry extra water and give it to the homeless.  What are things that you can do today and forever?

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