Saturday, May 31, 2014




Quest is a journey towards a goal.  All cultures have stories of hero journeys where the seeker is on a QUEST of an important object or a person.  This QUEST is depicted as arduous, adventurous, as well as dangerous.  Many obstacles appear along the seeker’s path discouraging and attempting to defeat the seeker from his/her goal.  The Twenty –Minute Coach calls these obstacles, life.  Life is often arduous, causing us to question the meaning of our existence, whine about “why is this so hard,” and declare that we quit.  But that flame of the QUEST finds its way out of the ruble and reminds us that there is an adventure ahead and we must keep putting one foot in front of the other and overcome the obstacles in our path.  Life is dangerous, but fortunately we have a healthy sense of denial.  We drive weapons, climb shaky ladders, and sometimes just jump out of perfectly good airplanes because the QUEST to conquer challenges, fears, and obstacles keep us moving forward.  Native Americans speak of the vision QUEST where the Native person leaves the comfort of the tribe and goes off into the wilderness, often without food or drink; and sometimes with the shaman or medicine person to QUEST after his/her calling purpose in the tribe.  The QUEST is intended to take us above the ordinary and into the extraordinary in order that we might live our daily life in mindful and purposeful ways.  QUEST after that which fulfills you. 

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