Monday, May 5, 2014




SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY.  It will be a lot easier to be Neat if you SIMPLIFY your life.  SIMPLIFY the thing in your life that is currently driving you crazy.  What is it?  We all have something that we keep grinding away at and never feel as if any progress is made.  Here is a short check-list to get you thinking:  budget, household chores; relationships (partner, child, family member, friend); spiritual life; hobby; cooking; and the list goes on and on.  Choose one thing to SIMPLIFY today.  For example, SIMPLIFY your schedule.  Take a look at what you try to cram into one day and organize it.  Prioritize what has to be done and then add what you would also like to get done today. Balance the list with some positive actions so that SIMPLIFY does not become a task–master.  Manage your time to make the things happen that must happen.  Where are you wasting time or adding just one more thing that is creating stress or chaos?  Eliminate it.  That unnecessary drive through Starbucks is going to cost you at least ten minutes if not longer depending on the line.  Skip it and stay focused so you free up some time rather than cram twelve hours of things to do into eight.  Slow down and take some things off of what you think of as “must–have, must-do” list.  That will SIMPLIFY your day.  Ask yourself how much of what is on this list do you dread.  Eliminate one of them and reframe the others into positives.  Doing this will help you enjoy the day more. 

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