Friday, May 2, 2014


Take Pride in Yourself!


Wikipedia says PRIDE is an inner directed emotion, from a positive connotation is a satisfied sense of attachment to ones Own choices or actions.  PRIDE is also a sense of belonging to a group or family where one's positive feelings of connection run deep within each other.  An example of that would be the GBLTQ community celebrations of Gay PRIDE.  Pride is a bubbling up of positive emotion   that naturally expresses itself through a wide smile and relaxed facial expression.  In yesterday's word, Own, I spoke about the PRIDE of ownership, taking responsibility for the decisions and choices you are making.  Today, I am asking you to dig deeper and allow a sense of belonging to yourself make you feel PRIDE deep within. It is true that when we feel PRIDE we Invest more self-care into whatever it is we feel PRIDE about.  A new car gets washed and waxed more often than an old beater car.  Take better self-care of your self today.  File your nails, get a new haircut, or take a bubble bath. Do something today to make yourself feel PRIDE in who you are.  Take a hot lunch to a homeless person or write a check to your favorite organization to Invest something of your success into the lives of others.  Allow yourself to take PRIDE in who you are, not just what you do.  Self-care and care of other are two sides of the whole, Invest in both to achieve PRIDE in yourself.   

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