Wednesday, May 7, 2014




UNILATERAL is making a decision or plan in your own best interest or it can apply to a group of people making a UNILATERAL decision or action for the best interest of the group.  For instance, if you are president of a board and an executive decision must be made immediately, your power as president allows you to make a UNILATERAL decision in the best interest of the board for the time being.  The same applies to your personal life. Now how many things in your life are you waiting for someone else to decide for you? Or are you waiting on someone else to choose first?  Do you have unfinished business that you feel needs to be attended to and you are still waiting to for someone else to get back to you?  Take a strong look at what needs to be accomplished “now” and take back your UNILATERAL power of choice.  You are the person where the buck stops and you have no one to blame if your life is not where you want it to be.  Practice this simple but uncomfortable exercise to develop a sense of acting UNILATTERALLY.  Decide what you want to eat and make food choices for yourself.  Choosing what you want to eat is often a UNILATERAL choice you delegate to others. For instance, how often do you follow other people’s food choices rather than using your voice to ask for what you want to eat?  Do not remain silent when you want Chinese food and others want pizza.  Get my point? 

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