Thursday, May 15, 2014




What does it mean to CARE?  CARE is a powerful and mobilizing word and when we focus on the true meaning of the word it is possible to really CARE about our individual wellbeing guilt free.  The noun CARE means to make provisions for health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something by paying serious attention and consideration so as not to damage but to help.  The verb CARE means to pay attention or attach importance to something.  What do you CARE about?  What are the things in your life that need serious attention in order for you to feel as if you CARE about your own wellbeing?  What causes do you CARE about?  Who do your CARE about?  Do those people that you just listed know that you CARE about them?  How do you let them know?  To CARE means to actively engage in actions of helping, attending, focusing, and allowing your consideration to flow toward that which you CARE about.  What are you neglecting in your life and why?  When did you stop CARING about yourself or someone that you once felt connected too?  It is true that when CARE is not returned it is easy to get hurt and give up.  I am asking your evaluate those things and people that you are currently CARING about and see if you need to let some of them go.  If you are CARING about someone more than they CARE about you, perhaps it is time to let go and redirect yourCARE to someone or something more fulfilling. 

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