Saturday, May 17, 2014



EXPIATE means to make amends or to make things right for a wrong that you committed.  In order to move forward with your life, it is important to forgive yourself for your shortcomings, humanity, and out and out wrongs that you have committed.  Sometimes self-forgiveness is hard and often becomes a possibility if there is some action you can take to EXPIATE yourself in the situation.  In fairy tales, often times the witch requires EXPIATION for a sin committed by the protagonist or a family member of the protagonist.  In the story of the Baker, the witch required a cow, a cape, and a slipper to EXPIATE the Baker’s father.  The Catholic Church has a built in confessional where the Priest often gives the penitent something to do to EXPIATE their sin.  They might have to say so many rosaries or make a financial offering to a charity to EXPIATE his/her wrongdoing.  Sometimes this simple action of doing something active to EXPIATE one’s wrong is just what the doctor ordered to alleviate the awful feeling of guilt.  Knowing that you put forth effort to fix your wrong doing then it is easier to put your wrongs behind you and allow the freedom of changed behavior to fill up that gnawing empty ache inside.  In AA, members devote a lot of time and energy to make amends (EXPIATE) for past wrongs caused by their addiction.  What do you need to make right today?  What is it you need to do to EXPIATE yourself so that you are emotionally free?  Now do it. 

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