Sunday, May 25, 2014




Self- MASTERY is a skill that is necessary to survive childhood with ourself-esteem intact.  If our parents “over-functioned” for us and we could not even tie our shoes so to speak, then it is natural as kids to feel inept.  If our family system neglected us, it is likely that MASTER is something you never really cherished or celebrated.  Today as adults, when you are around a child, the normal thing to do is to clap and praise a child for the most innocuous events, like tying his or her shoe.  That praise helps the child feel confident and eager to try again and even try to perfect their former feat.  Praise builds MASTERY.  Neglect or criticism tears MASTERY down and creates a sense of inner defeat.  We cannot keep blaming our parents for our lack of confidence, self-esteem, or self-worth.  The only person to blame now is our self.  It is never too late to MASTER your life, your skills, or your dreams.  If you keep focusing on what you did not receive, guess what, you still won’t receive it.  So, learn to practice whatever it is that you want to be different in your life until you establish a sense of MASTERY.  MASTERY requires practice, fortitude, and trying again and again until you feel good about your skill level or present situation. MASTERY, being really good at something builds your self-esteem and self-image.  MASTERY of one thing leads to the energy to practice MASTERY with something else.   

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