Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The Path Up Can be Daunting 


Not surprising that TASK would follow Rigorous and Simplify uh?  If you want to lighten your load of things to do, it is important to work from a to-do-list.  A daily, weekly, and monthly to do list is a very helpful tool to assist you in getting necessary chores done. TASKS are part of life and there is no getting around that.  If you procrastinate, worry, moan, or whine, then you are wasting precious energy that would be better applied to getting necessary TASKS checked off of your to-do-list.  How fast can you check the bothersome TASKS from your list?  Don’t dawdle doing dishes or making the bed.  Speed up and get it done.  Daily TASKS don’t need to be as unpleasant as we often make them out to be.  Daily TASKS can be a way of challenging ourselves to have more play and leisure time. The faster we get the TASKS done the quicker we get to play.  Remember when you were a kid how motivated you were to finish your homework so that you could go out and play?  This is the same deal.  Do your TASKS and enjoy the zeal of using that red pen to check off or draw through the completed TASKS.  Then reward yourself with a leisure activity.  It is also a good idea to put leisure activities such as reading on your to do list in order that you do not do all work and no play.  All of this will help with time-management. 

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