Saturday, May 24, 2014


The Perfect List APP


Making a LIST is one of the most important motivating tools that exist.  It is important that you choose to utilize the gift of LIST making.  There are various types of LIST that we need to create and then manage in order to live quality daily lives.  Making a daily to-do LIST that includes all of the mundane necessary things that must be done in order to live life with efficiency is very important. If you will create a daily to do LIST and keep it for a week, I believe that will create a sense of celebration at the end of the week because you will actually see how much you accomplish and can be proud.  That LIST includes doing the dishes and taking the trash out.  Then create a project LIST.  That LIST includes things like spring cleaning, cleaning the garage and redoing the landscape.  Set a start and finish time of the project LIST.  There tends to be one more thing that each of those projects could call for, but if you have an end time then you are free to check the project off of your LIST for now and you can add a more specific “project” to the new LIST, such as painting the work bench in the garage.  You will discover that the more specific you make any LIST the more you will accomplish.  It is important that you review your LIST on a regular if not daily basis.  That is LIST management.  Do not forget to do the wonderful bucket LIST. It is the most important LIST of all!  

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