Friday, May 23, 2014


The Leaf and the Bloom are Just as Beautiful as the Flower


KALON is a word that means more beautiful than skin deep and exquisite beyond the naked eye.  Ancient Greeks referred to it as the highest beauty!  Robert Mondavi, renowned wine maker, started one of the world’s earliest vineyards, KALON VINEYARD in KALON Valley, which is rich in fertile soil and perfect grape growing climates.  Do you see beyond your skin into your heart and do you nourish the goodness that already lies within you?  KALON the beauty beyond your eye is what you are looking for.  Our bodies are all flawed in one-way or the other.  Even Barbra Streisand hates her nose and will only let photos be taken from a certain side of her face.  If Barbra Streisand were to get a “nose job” it would affect her perfect voice in negative ways, so she learns to live with it.  So can you.  What part of your life are you destroying by focusing on the imperfections or the ugly?  Have you considered if your soil is fertile like Robert Mondavi? It is your choice where you choose to focus and you must ask yourself the real question, “What am I getting out of focusing on the negative parts of me?  Is my soil the best it can be?” There are many positive parts.  Who did you connect with today? Did I their day a bit easier or sunnier?  What do you do for others that often go unnoticed but you feel good about reaching out?  What are the things you do like about your KALON?  See your KALON TODAY. 

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