Saturday, May 10, 2014



XYLASTIC is a product that covers areas that need to be waterproofed.  XYLASTIC keeps the water from penetrating through areas and damaging the underlying structure.  As humans, we often wear our emotions and reactions on our sleeve, spit them out of our mouth, or show them too readily on our face.  Emotions are emotions, a blend of your biology and your feelings.  When Weaning away from some of your less mature choices and actions, XYLASTIC may come in handy.  Practice thinking before you speak and pondering the whole picture before you react.  Waterproofing your emotions is an adult action that allows you to maintain adult behavior and composure.  Your emotions are yours and are not necessarily anyone else’s business.  Just because you are feeling something does not mean you have to share it.  Practice not allowing other people’s opinions or words to seep deep into your soul. Other people can have differing opinions but that does not make your opinions wrong. Other people have a right to voice or express themselves even if they are rude.  You can use your voice to say, “I find that statement offensive (or rude).”  That is different than allowing your anger to spike and spew out emotional words like, “I can’t believe you are so damn insensitive.”  The first statement takes ownership and uses an “I” statement.  “I find that statement offensive is a fact.  It is neither a feeling nor really a judgment.  To call someone insensitive is name calling and judgmental.  Use some XYLASTIC protectionto mediate difficult situations and conversations.

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