Friday, May 9, 2014


Nurturing Mother Knows How to Wean


Now that you have given yourself permission to celebrate your Victories, it is time to focus on feeding yourself rather than continuing to be fed.  In one context WEAN means to cut back on relying on mother’s milk and adding some sustaining adult food to the program.  That requires that you WEAN yourself.  You cut back on how you have been relying on other’s advice, presence, and time and you take responsibility toward being the CEO of your life.  I am not suggesting that you become an island to yourself as that would prevent inter-dependence, and a healthy self is interdependent on those around them.  Inter-dependence is a give and take relationship, but dependence is often one sided and becomes very tiring to the person you are always “needy” of.  You are an adult and you can take the responsibility to be an adult in situations that often make you feel like you are going to crumble.  What situation or situations in your life are you relying on someone else’s opinion, money, resources, advice or approval in order for you to feel okay about yourself?  How can you start taking baby steps to WEAN yourself from being so reliant on others and act more self-reliant?  WEAN yourself away not only from others but also from credit card debt, overeating, addictive behavior, and laziness.  Those are all habits that we can easily find ourselves in, so it is important to start cutting back today and adding steps of personal responsibility.

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