Tuesday, May 20, 2014




Interesting that the word HANDLE in the English language has so many meanings.  It is the external part of a door that one uses to get in and out of a home, building, or room.  Without a HANDLE like that it would be much more difficult to enter and exit a place. Where could a HANDLE near an entrance or exit make your life more convenient?  HANDLE also means to fully touch something, as in exploring a piece of pottery with your hands.  What piece of your life do you need to HANDLE with detailed exploration?  The multi-meaningful word HANDLE also means to manage effectively.  Life is always changing and in any moments notice it can go from bad to worse or from better to great.  Getting a HANDLE on life is one big roller coaster ride and for the most part, things work themselves out safely; but if you don’t enjoy roller coasters, then you need another way to HANDLE the ups and downs of life.  Life is to be enjoyed and it is up to us to HANDLE things in the most positive ways possible.  Think about it, what good does it do you to stay angry, harbor bitterness, and become a hateful negative person?  Really, do you get something positive out of HANDLING life from that victim’s mentality?  Learn to HANDLE your life’s ups and downs in stride, knowing that your attitude in HANDLING it will make a world of difference in whether you enjoy the ride or not. 

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