Wednesday, May 14, 2014


You Might Feel Small but Just a Small Boost Can Go A Long Way!


To BOOST something means to raise, promote, increase, lift and heave.  These are all action-orientated words.  To get what we want might mean we need a BOOST.  I require a BOOST of energy around two in the afternoon during the summertime.  So a jolt of caffeine through coffee or tea is often just the fix to keep me going the next four hours.  When I am down about my projects or work a cheerful call to a colleague will BOOST my morale.  BOOSTING often requires Asking for what you need.  The next time you go to a juice bar notice that you can add BOOSTERS to your drink of choice.  To BOOST ourselves over our humps and hurdles is a necessary action to keep us motivated and moving forward in our life.  Without a BOOST it is easy to become idle, stagnant and stuck.  Where do you need a BOOST today?  Are you stuck in a place where your goal, dream, or desire feels meaningless and futile?  If that is the case then a BOOST is absolutely necessary.  How are you going to get it?  Do you need to go to the gym or for a walk to change out your energy?  Do you need to call a friend for coffee?  Do you need to download or go to the bookstore and look for an inspirational book to help you over this hump?  Perhaps you need a nap to BOOST your energy.  Whatever it is, give yourself permission to BOOST your morale. 

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