Monday, May 12, 2014


Everything Starts from a Spark


Researchers estimate that 60% of all naturally occurring conceptions fail because the ZYGOTE never becomes properly implanted in the uterus.  Kendra Cherry references in, About Psychology, a ZYGOTE is a one- celled organism created after the egg has been fertilized.  What does a ZYGOTE have to do with your dreams and goals?  In order for a ZYGOTE to make it to the uterus, it must rapidly divide into many cells.  In order for your dream or goal to be birthed, it must be properly planted in your heart (uterus). When you plant your dream or desire in your heart you have to provide for the ZYGOTE a nutrient enriched environment for it to be able to multiply and divide rapidly.  If 60% of those dreams and desires are going to fail then you have to keep replanting and focus on the 40% that are going to grow and flourish.  Think of your personal goals as ZYGOTE ideas.  An idea is just an idea.  You can have a hundred different ideas a day.  Forty percent of those ideas can develop into dreams and goals if you provide the ZYGOTE idea with the necessary steps to become a reality.  Nothing just happens.  All things come to life with proper attention to detail, planning, and “tweaking” what doesn’t work until the ZYGOTE grows hands, feet, heart, lungs, and brain to become a mobile and viable life force to reward you with the joy of staying with the process until the hard work pays off.  Don’t be discouraged by the 60%, focus on the 40% that survive.  

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