Tuesday, May 27, 2014




I don’t know how this important O word did not show up until now.  However, when it comes to Neat, List, and Next, it seems like synchronicity is bringing it around at just the right time moment. ORGANIZE your life.  ORGANIZE every part of it and use your important List and Next to help you.  It is a well-researched fact that the more ORGANIZED our life, home, finances, plans, and activities are the happier and less stressed we tend to be.  Don’t worry about getting obsessive.  That is just an excuse to keep you from being your best self. 
ORGANIZE one drawer today and notice how it makes you feel.  Make a List of what else needs to be ORGANIZED in your home.  Next, ORGANIZE your finances.  Create and stick to a budget.  A healthy budget takes three months to create.  It takes a month to List every expense.  The next month you ORGANIZE priorities on that List and do your budget cuts.  On the third month you have a budget to live by for the next six months and then ORGANIZE it again.  ORGANIZE the places in your life that are creating chaos.  Use your List to ORGANIZE and prioritize your time so that you can make the most out of your day.  Remember you are the CEO of your life and you have the power to fix what is not working and add what you would like to the management of daily life.  ORGANIZE it in ways that make sense and that are useful to you. 

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